Doxie Dash Registration

All dogs must be on a leash outside the racing area.

Owners are required to clean up after their pets.

Any intact female that is “in season” cannot participate in the racing events.

Mixed Breeds can race only in the Wienie-Wannabee Race.

They must weigh 25 pounds or less.

LIABILITY, WAIVER I, the owner acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in the Dachstoberfest Doxie Dash. I also attest that any individuals associated with the event are not responsible for any actions that may result from my participation in the event. Dachstoberfest event organizers do not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen animals at the event. That in bringing my pet to participate in Dachstoberfest, I understand that I am doing so at my sole risk. Any cost and expense and any harm that may come to the animal(s) shall be my sole responsibility; and in attending the event with my pet(s) should any injury occur to any person, other animals or property as a result of the behavior of my animals whether expected or unexpected regardless of the stimulus for the behavior I will be solely liable and held responsible for any injury or property damage that results from my participation and that will not indemnify and hold harmless protect and defend the event organizers of Dachstoberfest and it’s sponsors.

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